Jefferson City Chapter

Latest Update 9/12/2022


The Jefferson City Chapter has been in existence since 1981 serving the Jefferson City and surrounding areas. Currently we have 32 members from all walks of life proving that blindness doesn't have to be a handicap as once perceived, but a contribution to the community. 

Rita A. Lynch, our past president, has been involved in various capacities since 1982. She teaches Braille in her spare time. Contact her for Braille lessons and other assistance you might need. Her phone number is 573-230-4506 (cell) or 573-634-3865 (home).

Please feel free to contact us and join us at our monthly meetings. We would love to get to know you.


Meeting Information:

The Jefferson City chapter meets every second Tuesday evening from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Hyde Park Conference Center at 2409 Hyde Park Rd., Suite C, rear of the building. We also have accommodations for virtual meetings for those who are unable to meet in person and wish to participate by conference call.


Upcoming Events

Annual Walk-A-Thon to be held on Sunday, October 9 from 1 pm to 4 pm at McKay Park.

A small group is going to the Rolla Middle School on Friday, October 14 to talk about blindness awareness and to answer any questions the students might have.


Happy Birthdays for September

Vivian Smith

Ben Kane


Fund Raising Opportunity:

Currently our chapter is associated with Gerbes Shopping Centers to pass on a donation to the chapter based on your purchases and you still receive your usual rewards. To participate, just go to the Gerbes website and follow these steps.

1.  With your Gerbes card handy, go to or use te Gerbes app.

2.  on the Gerbes website, click the link "Savings & Rewards" then "I'm a customer". Using the Gerbes app., it is located under "my account", then "community rewards".

3.  Enter your Gerbes card number, email address, and use our code WP871.

We are grateful to you and Gerbes for your continuing support.


Contact Information:

To obtain information about meeting times and directions, needing a ride, and/or any other information, please contact Chris Griggs in Jefferson City at 573-418-9284 (home) or



President: Chris Griggs

Vice-President: Nina Theroff

Secretary/webpage manager: Carolyn Patterson

Treasurer: Eric Meister

Board Members: Rick Elgin, Kathy Hurley, and Sue Tussey