58th Annual Convention National Federation of the Blind of Missouri

 March 26-29, 2020

Online Registration is now available until 3/16/20

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The National Federation of the Blind of Missouri's 2020 Scholarship Program is now accepting applications.



Braille Readers are Leaders Contest


The American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults and National Federation of the Blind announce the 2019-2020 nationwide Braille Readers are Leaders contest for children and adults. K-12 students and adults learning Braille across the U.S. compete to read the most Braille pages, going up against other participants in similar contest categories for seven weeks. Registration opens November 1, 2019 and the contest will be from December 1, 2019 to January 18, 2020.  Reading logs must be submitted by February 1, 2020.  It isn’t too early to start getting ready for the contest. One way to prepare is by getting books from ShareBraille.org now.


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The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams. You can live the life you want; blindness is not what holds you back.


Our Pledge

I pledge to participate actively in the effort of the National Federation of the Blind to achieve equality, opportunity, and security for the blind; to support the policies and programs of the Federation; and to abide by its constitution.