National Federation of the Blind of Missouri
2024 Scholarship Program


The National Federation of the Blind of Missouri announces our 2024 Scholarship Program. We will be accepting applications until February 15, 2024. We invite all qualified candidates to apply. Applicants must be legally blind and plan to enroll in a post-secondary institution for the fall of 2024. Applicants should live in Missouri but need not be a member of the National Federation of the Blind. Scholarships begin at $750 and are based on merit. Applicants are invited to submit all information and documents online. All application materials must be received by February 15, 2024, either through the online form found at or at the email address provided below. Acknowledgment of applications and documents will be sent upon receipt. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Scholarship Chair.


Scholarship Application Checklist

• Official application form 
• Proof of legal blindness
• Student essay
• Student transcripts 
• Two letters of recommendation
• A letter from an NFB of Missouri Scholarship Committee member. Contact the Scholarship Chair to arrange this interview once you complete the first 5 requirements.


Please note:

* Letters of recommendation must not be submitted by the applicant but must come directly from the person authoring the letter.

 * In an effective essay the applicant may consider sharing about his or her life in a way that gives the committee insight into him or her. The essay should cover the ways in which one lives successfully as a blind person and describe personal goals for the future. Committee members give the essay a great deal of attention.

* In addition to receiving the monetary award, the scholarship Finalist will attend the convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri, April 12-14, 2024, at the Hilton Kansas City Airport Hotel, 8801 NW 112th St, Kansas City, MO, 64153. Accommodation, convention registration, and planned meals during the convention will be provided. We are also happy to help coordinate transportation to ensure this is not a barrier to our scholarship class. The type of transportation assistance may vary based on where in Missouri the winner resides and the available transportation resources in that community. 

* Throughout the convention, scholarship winners will have an opportunity to experience the National Federation of the Blind and network with successful blind people. In addition, final interviews with the Scholarship Committee will aid the committee in determining the scholarship each winner will receive.

* You should know that merit scholarships from the National Federation of the Blind go directly to the winner. Therefore, students can use funds to meet expenses that other funding sources do not cover. Also, merit scholarships are viewed favorably when included on a resume.


If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the scholarship chair. 
Robin House, Chair
Scholarship Committee
National Federation of the Blind of Missouri
Phone or Text: 314-265-6852.

Last day to apply 2/15/24

The application processes is now closed.




2023 Scholarship Winners

Photo of Isaac McBurney


Isaac McBurney

Isaac is a high school senior in Lee Summit. Throughout his time in high school, he has been active in theater, speech and debate, and National Honor Society. Outside of school Blake is an Eagle Scout where he successfully led a project to create and hang braille signs for a local camp, which he said was both rewarding and educational. This fall Isaac plans to attend the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) where he will major in communications. After obtaining his college degree, Blake wants to become a motivational speaker to have the opportunity to share his story in hopes to inspire others in overcoming obstacles.

Photo of Blake Tarrants.


Blake Tarrants

Blake is currently a student at Missouri State university (SMU) where he is working towards a Masters Degree in Special Education along with a certification in Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI). Blake is also a classroom teacher at the Center for Children with Visual Impairments (CCVI) in Kansas City. Blake already has a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism and one thing he enjoys doing is broadcasting high school sporting events, he says this also helps him to keep his skills sharp. Blake enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including sports such as beep baseball. Upon graduating from college Blake intends to pursue a career in which he can mentor blind students and help them to have successful outcomes.

Photo of Jamie Lee.

Jamie Lee

Jamie is a high school senior at Savannah High School. She is an active member of her school choir and band. In the fall Jamie plans to attend the Kansas City Metropolitan Community College and work towards a degree as a veterinary technician. She also plans to find a job working in a veterinary clinic to gain experience. In her spare time Jamie enjoys; cooking, spending time with her 9 siblings, and of course being around her pets. After completing college Jamie wants to work as a vet tech, assisting in the care and treatment of animals and beloved family pets.


2022 Scholarship Winners

Photo of Sam Doman.


Sam Doman

Sam Doman is a sophomore at Missouri State University (SMU) in Springfield. He is majoring in music with a minor in computer science. He is an active member of the Phi Epsilon fraternity and the school symphony. He has used his musical talent to volunteer around his community. In his spare time, he enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and hiking with his family. Upon graduation Sam would like to work to ensure that technology is accessible for blind people everywhere.

Photo of Blake Tarrants.


Blake Tarrants

Blake Tarrants is a student at Missouri State University (MSU) in Springfield. He is currently working on a certification for Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) and will also work towards a Master’s Degree in Special Education. He previously graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri in Columbia. Blake says that he feels very fortunate to have learned great blindness skills and it is that plus the opportunity to work with a blind student that led him to change his career and go back to school. In his spare time Blake follows a variety of sports teams. Upon completing his certification and degree, Blake is very eager to work with blind/visually impaired students in whatever capacity presents itself.

Photo of Jack Tindall.


Jack Tindall

Jack Tindall graduated from high school in December of 2021. He has been accepted to two universities, Truman State University in Kirksville and the University of Missouri in Columbia. After deciding which university to attend, Jack will begin pursuing a degree toward pre-med this fall. A collection of life experiences and educational opportunities led Jack to his determination to become a physician. Most of Jack’s spare time is spent participating in clubs or volunteer opportunities that are related to medicine in some capacity. Jack is unsure of which field of medicine he would prefer, but he says he has a while before he needs to decide that, but he does know that upon completion of his education he wants to be able to help people.


2021 Scholarship Winners

Photo of Kendra Damron.


Kendra Damron

Kendra is a high school senior. This fall she will attend either Missouri State University(MSU) or University of Central Missouri (UCM) and major in Psychology. Kendra is a member of the National Honor Society and her local 4H Club. In her free time she enjoys reading books, training her dogs and playing Dungeons and Dragons. She has worked with a local gaming store so that they will be selling accessible gaming dice for a variety of games. After graduating from college she plans to become an adolescent psychologist.

Photo of Nancy Aguilera.


Nancy Aguilera

Nancy Aguilera is currently in her 1st year of a doctoral degree at the  University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL).  This fall she  will continue working on her PhD degree in Political Science at UMSL. In addition to being a full time student she is also a single mother of 2 teenagers.  She fluently speaks Spanish and English, which she believes has led her to have some unique interactions with a variety of people. Nancy enjoys reading books, traveling and tasting new foods. Upon graduation Nancy plans to become a Professor and also conduct research.

Photo of Jordyn Walker.


Jordyn Walker

Jordyn is a high school senior.  This fall she  will attend the University of Central Missouri (UCM) and major in Psychology. She is currently an editor of her high school news paper and is the captain of the archery team. In her free time Jordyn enjoys doing yoga, scrapbooking and building things out of wood. Jordyn is not sure of her exact career path, but she would like to help people who have endured emotional trauma.

Photo of Aida Talic.


Aida Talic

Aida is a high school senior.  This fall she will be attending St. Louis University (SLU) and major in Clinical Social Work.  She has been on her school swim  team and in a club which brings awareness about cultural differences to her peers. She has had the opportunity to attend Space Camp where she met many inspirational people.  . This year Aida received an honorable mention in the Braille Challenge. After graduating from college she plans to be a social worker  and work with critically ill children.