The current National Federation of the Blind of Missouri Committees are as follows



Effective 2021


Accessible Voting - Chair: Melissa Kane
Gary Wunder, Gene Coulter, Christopher Tisdal & Amy Wilson


Audit Committee - Chair: Gene Fleeman 
Lawrence Luck, Chris Griggs & Rotating Position (To Be Appointed each year)

Braille Literacy and Education Concerns - Chair: Gary Wunder 
Jenny Carmack, Carla Keirns, Linda Coccovizzo, Roger Crome & Rita Lynch


Data Retention - Chair: Gene Coulter
Dacia Cole, Gary Wunder, Becky Boyer, Randy Carmack, Daniel Garcia & Dennis Miller


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee - Chair: Jo Grove
Christopher Tisdal, Jeremiah Wells, Tony Waterhouse-Leal, Linda Black-White, Melissa Kane, Brittany Berk, Therese Vercellone,  Dennis Miller & Roman Solano


Good Works - Chair: Carol Coulter
Jeremiah Wells, Eric Meister & Carol Morgan


Governmental Affairs - Chair: Roger Crome 
Rita Lynch, Christopher  Tisdal, Gene Coulter, Daniel Garcia, Melissa Kane, Ruby Polk, Cory McMahon, Brent Ford, Gary Wunder, Janice Grisham, Nick Whitney, Carolyn McGhee & Dennis Miller


Membership - Chair: Chris Tisdal
Becky Boyer, Linda Black-White, Jeff Giffen, Jenny Carmack, Dacia Cole, Rita Lynch, Eric Meister, Ben Vercellone & Debbie Wunder


Pedestrian Safety Concerns On Driver Distractions - Chair: Carolyn McGhee
Stephanie McDowell, Daniel Garcia, Brent Ford, Otto Jespersen, Ben Vercellone & Nick Whitney


Public Relations - Chair: Daniel Garcia
Jenny Carmack, Melissa Kane, Gary Wunder, Grace Warn & Brittany Berk


Rittgers and National Convention Stipends - Chair: Gene Coulter 
Rita Lynch, Gene Fleeman, Chris Tisdal & Ruby Polk


Scholarship Committee - Chair: Robin House
Melissa Kane, Jenny Carmack, Gary Wunder, Amy Wilson & Dennis Miller


Senior Program Committee - Chair: Gary Wunder
Melissa Kane, Becky Boyer, Rita Lynch, Hal Boyer & Charlotte Bellmyer


Social Media - Chair: Hal Boyer
Debbie Wunder, Jenny Carmack, Becky Boyer, Dacia Cole, Brittany Berk, Nina Theroff & Randy Carmack


Sports and Recreation - Chair: Amy Wilson
Robin House, Chris Tisdal, Melissa Kane, Dacia Cole, Jeff Giffen & Stephanie Contreras


Transition Program Committee - Chair: Jenny Carmack
Tezzie Wells, Cory McMahon, Robin House, Stephanie McDowell & Debbie Wunder


Ways and Means - Chair: Jeff Giffen
Carol Morgan, Gene Fleeman, Carol Coulter, Chris Tisdal, Rita Lynch, Becky Boyer & Mark Harris


Website Committee - Chair: Randy Carmack
Melissa Kane, Daniel Garcia, Gene Coulter & Hal Boyer


NFB of Missouri Cane Drivers
Debbie Wunder, Linda Coccovizzo & Jenny Carmack