The current National Federation of the Blind of Missouri Committees are as follows



Effective November 1, 2017


Audit Committee - Chair: Gene Fleeman email:

Lawrence Luck, Chris Griggs, plus one rotating member to be named


Blind Parents Advocacy Team - Chair: Carol Coulter email:

Jenny Carmack, Gary Wunder, Amy Wilson, Rita Lynch, Robyn Wallen, Debbie Wunder, Becky Boyer


Bylaws Committee - Chair: Gary Wunder email:

Gene Coulter, Christopher Tisdal, Cory McMahon, Carol Coulter


Employment Research Committee - Chair: Gary Wunder email:

Daniel Garcia, Dacia Cole, Julie McGinnity, Chris Tisdal, Dave Hertweck, Shawnee Korff, Rick Elgin, Gene Fleeman, Chris Griggs


Good Works - Chair: Carol Coulter email:

Jeremiah Wells, Carol Morgan


Governmental Affairs - Chair: Roger Crome email:

Rita Lynch, Chris Tisdal, Dan Flasar, Gene Coulter, Cory McMahon, Dennis Miller, Ruby Polk, Erin Magoon, Carol Morgan, Brent Ford, Daniel Garcia, Chris Griggs, Amy Wilson, Melissa Kane, Gary Wunder, Daniel Hodges, Brian Wekamp, Becky Boyer


Membership - Chair: Julie McGinnity email:

Chris Tisdal, Debbie Wunder, Jeff Giffen, Jenny Carmack, Dacia Cole, Roger Crome, Rita Lynch, Ben Vercellone, Amy Wilson, Holly Carneal Dan Keller, Linda Black White, Daniel Hodges


Public Relations Committee - Chair: Daniel Garcia email:

Gary Wunder, Jenny Carmack, Ruby Polk, Melissa Kane, Brittany Berk, Cari Ford, Grace Warn, Paul Weingartner,


Rittgers Committee - Chair: Gene Coulter email:

Rita Lynch, Laura Rios, Ruby Polk, Dan Flasar, Roger Crome


Scholarship Committee - Chair: Julie McGinnity email:

Robin House, Melissa Kane, Roger Crome, Gary Wunder, Erin Magoon, Amy Wilson


Social Media - Chair: Amy Wilson email:

Brittany Berk, Robyn Wallen, Dacia Cole, Randy Carmack


Sports and Recreation - Chair: Robin House email:

Deb Busch, Ericka Wolf, Melissa Kane, Rita Lynch, Dacia Cole, Jeff Giffen, Amy Wilson


Technology Committee - Chair: Dacia Cole email:

Mark Myers, Bryan Schulz, Jeremiah Wells, Don Branch, Dennis Miller, Melissa Kane, Ben Vercellone, Kayla Myers,


Ways and Means - Chair: Carol Morgan email:

Gene Fleeman, Debbie Wunder, Carol Coulter, Chris Tisdal, Jeremiah Wells, Rita Lynch, Jeff Giffen, Dennis Miller, Becky Boyer, Vivian Bliss, Jerri Meyers


Website Committee - Chair: Randy Carmack email:

Daniel Garcia, Bryan Schulz, Amy Wilson, Gene Coulter, Jeff Wright, Holly Carneal, Melissa Kane, Gary Wunder