Youth Programs

As a leader in blindness education and advocacy the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri realizes that our current blind youth are the future leaders and professionals of our great nation.  We realize that these youth deserve an equal education and opportunities of their sighted peers.  Therefore, the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri is extremely proud to offer the following programs to help bridge the gap for our blind youth.


BELL Academy

The National Federation of the Blind of Missouri is very proud to sponsor the Missouri Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning Academy or BELL Academy for short.  The MO BELL Academy is an intensive 2 week, day program that provides children with Braille and nonvisual skills instruction through fun, hands-on learning activities.  In addition to Braille, crafts, games, and other engaging projects, children learn vital independent living skills, interact with blind adult mentors, and enjoy field trips. Through these activities and interactions, the children learn that blindness or low vision does not define them or their future.



The National Federation of the Blind works to improve opportunities for blind students in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In NFB STEM2U, we are bringing what we have learned directly to students and families in their homes. Students of varying ages in fifteen states across the country will receive instruction from NFB personnel and expert instructors via the Zoom platform.