Photo Contest

National Federation of the Blind of Missouri

Photo Contest Winners


Category 1 - Blind Person(s) at Work

1st. Place - Carol Coulter, Columbia, MO

Photo of  a blind woman in her home daycare kneeling playing parachute with four young children.


2nd. Place - None Selected  
3rd. Place - None Selected  


Category 2 - Blind Person(s) Caring for Children

1st. Place - Carol Coulter, Columbia, MO

Photo of a blind woman helping teach a young blind girl how to play the recorder with three other blind children in the background playing their recorders.


2nd. Place - Faye Corman, Barrington, NJ

Photo of a blind father walking on a path with his yellow Labrador guide dog.  He is carrying his daughter on his shoulders.  Both are are smiling and enjoying a beautiful summer day.


3rd. Place - Faye Corman, Barrington, NJ

Photo of a blind father helping his blind son read a Braille book. They are sitting at a kitchen table. The father sits closely beside the the little boy as he runs his fingers across the Braille pages.



Category 3 - Blind Person(s) in Everyday Life

1st. Place - Carol Coulter, Columbia, MO

Photo of two blind women, using their white canes are taking a walk in the park.


2nd. Place - Kathy Hurley, Jefferson City, MO

Photo of a blind girl rolling out pie crust at her great-great Grandma’s House.  She is smiling and has a pink shirt on and pony tails.


3rd. Place - Carol Coulter, Columbia, Mo

Photo of a blind grandmother vacuuming the basement carpet with the help of her two and a half year old grandson, also vacuuming with his toy vacuum.