The current National Federation of the Blind of Missouri Committees are as follows



revised: September 25, 2016


Blind Parents - Chair: Carol Coulter  e-mail:

Jenny Carmack; Jeff Giffen; Amy Wilson; Rita Lynch


Data Retention - Chair: Erin Magoon  e-mail:

Gene Coulter; Dan Flasar; Dave Hertweck; Randy Carmack


Employment Research - Chair: Alice Conway  e-mail:

James Moynihan; Rita Lynch; Kim Killian; Julie McGinnity; Chris Tisdal; Shelia Wright; Daniel Garcia; Dacia Cole; Dave Hertweck; Debbie Wunder; Shawnee Korf


Good Works - Chair: Carol Coulter  e-mail:

Jeremiah Wells; Carol Morgan


Governmental Affairs - Chair: Shelia Wright  e-mail:

Chris Tisdal; Dan Flasar; Gene Coulter; Dennis Miller; Ruby Polk; Rita Lynch; Bryan Schulz; Erin Magoon; Carol Morgan; Brent Ford; Daniel Garcia; Chris Griggs


Membership - Chair: Debbie Wunder  e-mail:

Chris Tisdal; Jeff Giffen; Jenny Carmack; Dacia Cole; Carl Hirsch; Julie McGinnity; Roger Crome; Rita Lynch; Ben Vercellone; Shelia Wright; Amy Wilson; Holly Carneal; Mark Myers


Public Relations - Chair: Daniel Garcia  e-mail:

Ruby Polk; Debbie Wunder; Jenny Carmack; Carolyn McGee; Melissa Kane; Holly Carneal; Brittany Berk; Cari Ford; Roger Crome; Grace Warn; Larry Arnold; Paul Weingartner


Scholarship - Chair: Julie McGinnity  e-mail:

Shelia Wright; Melissa Kane; Robin House; Roger Crome; Dan Keller; Erin Magoon; Amy Wilson


Social Media - Chair: Amy Wilson  e-mail:

Shelia Wright; Holly Carneal; Mark Myers; Dacia Cole; Bethany Bennington; Cari Ford; Brittany Berk; Randy Carmack


Song Committee

Carl Hirsch; Shirley Graul; Dan Keller; Elisabeth Coulter; Brent Ford; Erin Magoon


Sports and Recreation - Chair: Robin House  e-mail:

Ericka Wolf; Brent Ford; Bethany Bennington; Melissa Kane; Jeff Giffen; Rita Lynch; Debbie Wunder; Mark Myers; Dacia Cole


Technology - Chair: Daniel Garcia  e-mail:

Bryan Schulz; Dacia Cole; Don Branch; Brent Ford; Ben Vercellone; Dennis Miller; Melissa Smith


Ways and Means - Chair: Carol Morgan

Shelia Wright; Jeff Giffen; Gene Fleeman; Debbie Wunder; Carol Coulter; Brent Ford; Chris Tisdal; Jeremiah Wells; Rita Lynch; Sarita Cann

Website - Chair: Randy Carmack  e-mail:

Daniel Garcia; Bryan Schulz; Dan Flasar; Jeff Wright; Amy Wilson; Bethany Bennington; Gene Coulter; Holly Carneal; Melissa Kane